Linda Liukas is a programmer, storyteller and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. She is a central figure in the world of programming and has worked on edutech already before it was called that. Linda is the founder of Rails Girls, a global phenomenon teaching the basics of programming for young women all over the world. Her TED talk has gathered over 1 million views.


Hannele Niemi, Ph.D, is Professor of Education at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki. She has contributed in many EU and OECD projects as an expert or researcher and served as a keynote lecturer in several international forums. Her main research interest areas are teachers’ professional development, quality of teacher education, moral education and technology-based learning environments. She has published e.g. the following books about Finnish education: “Finnish Innovations and Technologies in Schools. Towards New Ecosystems of Learning” (2014) and “The Miracle of Education: The Principles and Practices of Teaching and Learning In Finnish Schools (2012).


Kristiina Volmari, Ph.D, works as Counsellor of Education and Head of Statistics and International Affairs at the Finnish National Board of Education. She has also worked as a teacher for 20 years at most levels of education and in vocational teacher education. Kristiina's  areas of special interest and expertise are comparative international education data, teachers and trainers in vocational education and training and leadership. She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of European and global education and training issues having worked closely with European networks and working groups as well as participating in OECD studies and data collection.


Heli Ruokamo, Ph.D, is a Professor of Education, specialty media education, at University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland. She is a Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education and a director of the Centre for Media Pedagogy. Professor Ruokamo has 15 years of experience in research and development of pedagogical models for network-based education and educational use of ICT’s. Her research has focused on mobile and meaningful learning, playful, game-based, VR, and simulation-based learning environments. She has published approx. 100 scientific publications with referee practice, more than 2/3 of them are international.


Marjaana Kangas
, Ph.D, is a university lecturer and a researcher at University of Lapland. She is a forerunner of the research on playful learning in pre and primary education in Finland, and a co-developer of a “playful learning environment”, an innovative play and game-based learning environment designed for 21st century learning (e.g. Kangas, 2010; Kangas & Ruokamo, 2012). Her doctoral dissertation "The School of the Future: Theoretical and Pedagogical Approaches for Creative and Playful Learning Environments", was rewarded by Lea Pulkkinen Award in 2012. Since 2003, she has worked as a researcher in many innovative research projects (Let’s Play, PlayIT, InnoPlay, InnoSchool, Omnischool), and participated in the development work of playful learning environments, and focused on the research on the best practices in the future school. Home page:  Twitter:


Sanna Lukander is a Fun Learning creator and evangelist, Finnish experienced education content expert who believes we are globally on the verge of creating the new paradigm in education – together. Sanna´s background is in content development, publishing, education and entertainment. She now leads Fun Academy, the spinoff from Rovio Entertainment & Angry Birds. Fun Academy works to help all children gain access to high quality education – Fun Learning.


Janniina Vlasov is a former teacher of early years, and currently finnishing her Ph.D focusing on cross-cultural comparisons. Her special interest is in the development of early childhood education and its quality, which combines both her practical knowledge from the field as well as academic research. Janniina has long experience from the international education field, and spreading the word of joy about Finnish early learning is her passion.