Want a unique experience that you will never forget?

Spend the last night of your trip in the Snow or Igloo hotel. Book now - limited places available for LIFE participants!

Santa´s Hotel Santa Claus is the place for the opening event, seminar and conference dinner. However, since the essence of the LIFE 2017 are the school visits in small groups, the nearby hotels are good choices as well. There are reservations for LIFE 2017 participants in three very good quality hotels in addition to Hotel Santa Claus, all of them located approximately 200m from from Hotel Santa Claus. Have in mind that LIFE2017 takes place during the high season in Lapland and some of the hotels are already fully booked! Again, early registration is highly recommended since these prices for our participants are valid only until September 30th. You can book your preferred accommodation as part of the registration process.


Rantasipi Pohjanhovi: € 122 (Single Room) / € 142 (Double room)
Scandic Rovaniemi: € 134 (Single Room) / € 154 (Double room)
Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Rovaniemi: € 160 (Single Room) / € 175 (Double room)
Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus: € 159 (Single Room) / € 185 (Double room)

Saturday (21st) – Sunday (22nd) night at Snow Hotel or Igloo
Snow Hotel: € 180 (Single room) / € 260 (Double room) / € 390 (Room for 3) / € 520 (Room for 4)
Igloo Hotel: € 170 (Single room) / € 264 (Double room)

Link to the hotel  websites:

Link to the Snow hotel and Igloo hotel: