Here is the authentic feedback we have received from LIFE2017 participants:

I was an accompanying person so I only attended Kristina's talk on the Finish perspective on Finnish education. I found it very informative and a couple of times I just wanted to cry. Having been a teacher in a Special Educational classroom for many years, when I heard how teachers are valued and treated as trusted professionals I became deeply emotional. Wow! This is so impressive. I also got to hear all about the classroom visits from my daughter who I accompanied. She would burst into the hotel room all excited and show me the pictures and describe in great detail just how impressed and excited she was. My daughter is opening a brand new alternative school this fall and Life2017 not only gave her great ideas but many people to network with. Riku did a wonderful job organizing events and making sure that people were picked up via the buses at the appropriate times. I felt very comfortable in Helsinki when the bus arrived at our hotel and Riku was outside waiting with my daughter for the bus. Riku was a great host. Thank you! 

Incredibly well organised. very honoured to be part of it. Thank you 

The schools made us very welcome and the setting was spectacular. The opportunity to network with teachers from other countries was great. 

The concept of the conference is inspirational. I would be delighted to return in 2018. 

I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the hospitality among the organizers. thank you so much. Love from Kuwait. 

More interaction within presentations - utilise in small group session(s) 

Riku was amazing at dealing with all our requests prior to the conference! 

I very much appreciated being able to participate in this conference and hope that you will be able to organise similar events for other delegates in future. The accommodation was good, despite my reservations after reading Trip Adviser beforehand, and the organisation in general was excellent. Please thank all involved and the civic people in Rovaniemi, together with the headteachers of the schools. One other thought, which I forgot to include in box 6 above - it would be nice to invite the headteachers of all of the schools to the official evening meal, so delegates can meet and discuss things further with them. Thank you very much.

I would have loved to hear from principals as well, as I think they would have had some valuable information to include. The PISA results, while interesting were poorly presented. The venues for the conference and accommodation were all excellent and very accessible to all. I learnt so much at this conference to bring back to my own school and ideas about education. Thanks you, I hope you run this again 

Brilliant conference overall in a great location with amazing extra experiences on offer. 

The optional session on pedagogy looked at Principals and leadership, so not what I expected. 

Thank you for a great experience. Your city of Rovaniemi is awesome. The opportunity to visit the schools was really an eye-opener. Well done to all involved! 

I have really enjoyed my visit and have come back to the UK inspired! As well as learning about the Finnish Educational system it was great to network and talk with other colleagues from other schools and other Nations. Riku has especially been extremely helpful with all our many questions and emails prior to the conference, thank you! 

I had a wonderful time with wonderful people. It was lovely to get an opportunity to spend time with other professionals who are all committed to creating a greater education system for their children. The organisation was excellent. 

I felt welcomed and had a great learning experience. Thank you! 

Can it be rotational? Organisers to pick venues in other countries? 

I loved the excellent support in getting all the arrangements done! 

This was an excellent conference opportunity overall. I think it had all the right elements and with a bit of tweaking the balance may be better. It did allow good opportunity to experience the beauty of the Rovaniemi region. And the next time I would love to have the opportunity to link a Helsinki experience into the conference. But most of all could I comment on the wonderful hospitality shown by the Finnish organisers and participants. The opportunity also to meet colleagues from around the world should not be underestimated. 

Had a great time! 


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