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What is VisitEDUfinn?

VisitEDUfinn is a network that connects head teachers, teachers, and other education experts from different countries. This co-operation opens up an opportunity to share ideas, knowledge and local practices, which are ethically sustainable and culturally sensitive, and could be transferred from culture to another. VisitEDUfinn network covers education system from early childhood education to secondary school. If you are interested in learning more about our past visits and events, please visit www.edufinn.net.

What do we offer?

We can offer head teachers, teachers, other education experts, and local authorities in Finland, England and other partnering countries, a wide range of tailored options including:

  • Visits to local schools and kindergartens 
  • Large scale educational conferences 
  • Focussed educational conferences
  • Continuing Professional Development opportunities for  a school, a cluster of schools or even a local authority 
  • Educational consultation 
  • School / early Years  workshops for practitioners
  • “Connecting Teachers“-teacher exchange program between different countries

Education in Finland

Finnish education system has been considered to be of high quality and it is valued around the world. Finnish teachers are treated with great respect, they are highly educated, and have a lot of professional freedom. Finns believe that learning is not just about academic enquiry, but it should be fun and empowering, and offer a good start for life. All children have equal possibilities, and their initiatives and individuality in learning are considered important.

Why should you hear and learn about Finnish education?

Every national education system has its pros and cons, but learning from others will offer new ideas and working models to improve the assessment and development processes of your own school. When reflecting familiar educational practices in a light of another culture, our eyes may open for completely new questions enabling a two-way learning. Instead of emphasising the inferiority or superiority of different systems, our aim is to enhance understanding through comparisons and offer opportunities for culture sensitive educational cooperation and consulting.


Feedback from visits to Finland:

“It was extremely well organised. The company was excellent. We were made to feel extremely welcome throughout the visit. The opportunity made me reflect and think deeply about the differences in our education systems and consider what it is that really makes a difference to providing a learning environment to enable all children to learn, thrive and flourish.”   

“I was inspired by the early years provision, challenged by the practice at the high school and thoroughly enjoyed meeting such an energetic and passionate group of teachers and children.“

Reliable company

VisitEDUfinn Ltd. has earned The Strongest in Finland -certificate. The certificate is a sign of a company’s positive financial figures, background information and good payment behaviour. That tells the customers, partners, credit allowers and other stakeholders that cooperation with the company is on a steady foundation. The certificate is based on the Rating Alfa -credit rating of Suomen Asiakastieto.


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