What do we offer?

We can offer head teachers, teachers, other education experts, and local authorities in Finland, England and other partnering countries, a wide range of tailored options including:

  • Visits to local schools and kindergartens aim to introduce local systems as they are. During the visit you will be able to observe the teachers and children in action in their natural settings. After each visit, there will be time for a group session, which allows you to reflect your learning and observations more deeply with your colleagues as well as discussions and questions with the senior leaders from the education settings.

    NOW AVAILABLE - OPEN SCHOOL VISITS: This is for individuals or small groups of persons who have not been able to participate in tailored school visits due to their elevated cost. Read more about this possibility HERE.

  • Large-scale educational conferences bring together head teachers and personnel working in early childhood education, primary schools, and local authorities from Finland and other countries. During the conference, you can get inspired and learn from a selection of educational experts and professionals presenting topical issues concerning the Finnish education field.

  • Focused educational conferences are intended for smaller audience with specific topics and 2-3 presenters. Focused sessions are interactive and permit deeper discussions with the participants and presenting experts.

  • Continuing Professional Development opportunities for a school, a cluster of schools or even a local authority. These development processes are facilitated by Finnish education experts, including educational consultation. Educational consultation can also be tailored for individual schools. Consultation contains observations, reflection, and drawing up long term plans jointly with the teachers and consultants to improve the quality of the practices.

  • Workshops are intended for those individuals and schools who have participated the visits and/or the conferences in Finland. Workshops include drawing up development plans inspired by the visits, as well as sharing the implications of the visits with other teachers and colleagues. What ideas have you already implemented in your schools? What has been successful or what have been the challenges? What are the plans for future?

  • "Connecting Teachers“ -teacher exchange program between different countries is a tailored possibility for individual teachers to get familiar with the local education culture by working / observing on site. The visits are approximately week long.


NEW BOOKLET: We are proud to introduce a new publication called the The Success Story of Finnish Early Childhood Education. For more information click HERE.