Aulis Pitkälä has an exceptional career in the field of Education. During the years 2012-2016 Aulis responded a valued task of Director General in Finnish National Agency for Education and nowadays he works as a Deputy Mayor of Education and Cultural Services in the city of Espoo. In 2017 he was awarded with honorary title by the President of the Republic of Finland for his distinguished career in education.


Eeva Penttilä has a long and varied career in education both in Finland and on the international level. After working as a teacher and principal, she was elected president of ESHA – The European School Heads´ Association with 17000 members. After the presidency, the city of Helsinki asked her to use her expertise for the benefit of its schools as the first Head of International Relations in the Education Department.


Kristiina Volmari, Ph.D, works as Counsellor of Education and Head of Statistics and International Affairs at the Finnish National Board of Education. She has also worked as a teacher for 20 years at most levels of education and in vocational teacher education. Kristiina's  areas of special interest and expertise are comparative international education data, teachers and trainers in vocational education and training and leadership. She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of European and global education and training issues having worked closely with European networks and working groups as well as participating in OECD studies and data collection.


Leena Heinilä is experienced teacher who has worked not only in Finnish schools but outside Finland as well. She is also an education advisor, teacher educator, administrator, researcher with interest on students self-efficacy and welfare.


Marjaana Kangas
, Ph.D, is a university lecturer and a researcher at University of Lapland. She is a forerunner of the research on playful learning in pre and primary education in Finland, and a co-developer of a “playful learning environment”, an innovative play and game-based learning environment designed for 21st century learning (e.g. Kangas, 2010; Kangas & Ruokamo, 2012). Her doctoral dissertation "The School of the Future: Theoretical and Pedagogical Approaches for Creative and Playful Learning Environments", was rewarded by Lea Pulkkinen Award in 2012. Since 2003, she has worked as a researcher in many innovative research projects (Let’s Play, PlayIT, InnoPlay, InnoSchool, Omnischool), and participated in the development work of playful learning environments, and focused on the research on the best practices in the future school. Home page:  Twitter:


Markus Humaloja has long experience as a class teacher. The teaching method and associated learning culture developed by Markus have recently roused extensive interest both in Finland and abroad. Markus views the future as full of potential for learning and believes that technology will enable limitless learning opportunities for all learners.


Sari Kontra is an elementary school teacher who would rather take her students outdoors to learn than stay and teach in a traditional classroom environment. She believes that by incorporating physical activity and new forms of functionality and devices into teaching, we can tackle many of today’s challenges in the field of education. She currently works at the International School of Vantaa close to Helsinki, Finland.