LIFE2019 SHADOWING EXPERIENCE is new way to get even deeper into the famous Finnish education. Understand how everyday life works in Finnish schools by shadowing Finnish teachers and by listening to the top Finnish education experts, such as Aulis Pitkälä, former President of Finnish National Agency for Education.


This unique training program, organized by VisitEDUfinn in co-operation with the University of Lapland, offers an exclusive opportunity to visit ordinary Finnish primary schools and kindergartens. In addition to school visits and lectures, you may take part in social program, such as city of Rovaniemi reception and dinner, which are all included in the fee. The theme for LIFE2019 is: Equity - A Cornerstone Of Finnish Education.

LIFE2019 takes place right by the Arctic Circle, in the city of Rovaniemi, also known as the official hometown of Santa Claus. During the event, you have an opportunity to meet him in person and participate in many other awesome winter adventures. This time the program dates are March 19-23, which is an excellent time to visit Lapland. There is still a full winter with tons of snow but more daylight and the temperatures, while below zero, don't reach extreme cold which might occur between December and February.

If you took part in the previous forums, LIFE2018 or LIFE2017, we warmly welcome you to join us again. Based on the feedback, we have changed the program so that there would be more interaction with Finnish teachers and that the experience in general would be even better than last two years.

There are only room for 80 persons, so book now to secure your participation.

See you in Rovaniemi!

To have a better idea what to expect, please have a look at the videos below about LIFE2018 and LIFE2017, made by media education students from the University of Lapland. In addition, check out the LIFE2018 Event page in Facebook>>